Local Impacts

The Future of Glacier National Park

The very visual and rapid disappearance of its mountain glaciers has made Glacier National Park a poster child for climate change. Former Vice President Al Gore, among others, quipped that the park may need a new name: The Park Formerly Known As Glacier National Park. The remaining 25 glaciers may all be gone before 2030. (More...)

Glacier Climate Action Local Impacts

Wildfire and Smoke

The biggest local impact from climate change in the Flathead Valley is likely to be a big increase in local wildfire and an even greater increase in regional smoke.  Recent summer conditions indicate this is already happening, beginning in the 1990s.  Climate scientists say this will get worse over the next few decades, especially if we earthlings (More...)

Glacier Climate Action Local Impacts

Water in Northwest Montana

The hot, dry summer of 2015 provides a useful window into the future of water in northwestern Montana. We experienced low levels of warm water in our streams and lakes. The recent National Climate Assessment – which brought together the nation’s top scientists to project future climate conditions – suggests that this will be our (More...)

Glacier Climate Action Local Impacts

USGS Glacier Comparisons

Agassiz Glacier 1913 – 2005 Agassiz Glacier was one of the largest glaciers in the park prior to 1917.  In fact, during the colder, snowier period before 1850 this glacier had advanced down the valley and into the existing forest, bulldozing down trees and creating a “trimline”.  During the drought between 1917 and 1941, this (More...)

Glacier Climate Action Glacier National Park Local Impacts